Roblox Titanic Update 2.46

This update is 1/2 of our progress on updating some older features of the game.

There are 11 new gear to replace many old Roblox gears.

  • Icecube (1,500 Points) – Drop an icecube and kick it around on deck.
  • Bell (2,000 Points) – You ring it (bet you wouldn’t have guessed that…)
  • Lantern (3,000 Points) – Recommended use: Dark Places.
  • Bugle (4,000 Points) – Call for dinner time.
  • Shovel (6,000 Points) – A future update will allow you to shovel coal for points.
  • Pocketwatch (7,000 Points) – This one allows you to see the clock time of the entire round.
  • Lifering (10,000 Points) – Allows you to save other players, or you can just be selfish. Your choice!
  • Binoculars (12,000 Points) – Allows you to zoom in super close to distant items.
  • Umbrella (21,000 Points) – You get to be Mary Poppins and essentially fly forever. Activating it will make you float for a while, and you can activate it shortly after it deactivates. Do that fast enough and you can fly anywhere.
  • Violin (27,000 Points) – 5 Cord Custom Playable Violin.
  • Wrightflyer (50,000 Points) – Easily the coolest gear we’ve ever made. Activate it and you will be sent flying in a life-sized wrightflyer and have full control over it. Click to go into super speed mode and use the mouse to turn. Comes with sounds and propellers, no assembly required.

What’s next?

The next update we will be releasing is all about re-doing the GUI menu. This will make it easier to use the gears you want. These improvements will carry over to Roblox Titanic on Mobile as well.

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