Roblox titanic player on mobile

Roblox Titanic Update V2.47

This update was migrating how the 3 level of details of the ships are stored in the game, trying to reduce memory usage for you guys on mobile. If you’re on mobile, stick with lite mode, and your gameplay should run absolutely fine. The move to the new method is about as good as the previous method, there are problems in other areas (server memory causing the game to crash, rather than your device being too weak), still trying to work on these fixes.

Some gear was updated Life Ring: Only 5 can be thrown at a time, first thrown, first to go Wright Flyer: Goes slower so you can enjoy the sights more, make sure to click and use the mouse to steer while clicked Violin: All 5 buttons will work for mobile now. The boiler room sinking sequence is back to being 93 seconds.

R6 is enabled in Roblox Titanic now.

We are going to get rid of lite detail and move High Detail to a new place within the game, you will be able to visit it for free in the lobby. The standard game will be the standard ship and that’s all. This is much needed as there are too many memory leaks with our current method having 3 level of details in one game Lite detail would likely not be needed due to the fixes in memory leaks HD being in a different server will allow for more intense roleplays as it will fill up with you guys who want the upmost quality in the game

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