Roblox Titanic Update V2.51

This update is on the smaller side! Check it out!

  • Lifeboats do not float back up after succumbing to the final plunge suction.
  • Second class elevator will STOP in-place when the electricity shuts off, anyone inside will be trapped!
  • New bubble particles and bow flooding particles re-timed on the 2012 sinking theory
  • Tops of the 3 working funnels will hurt you if you stand on them!
  • GUIs on mobile for store, inventory, and settings moved to the other side so chat does not block tapping on them
  • Fixed a glitch where the wright flyer would stop functioning correctly
  • Fixed a glitch with the medic script breaking
  • Invite your friends button is added
  • New Gamepass “Friend Admin” (features listed below)
    • Get your friends into Roblox Titanic with you and have tons of fun together
    • [Friend Admin] Chat tag
    • Give free stuff to your friends each month! Per month abilities:
      1. Give Roblox Friends 150,000 Points, in anyway you want (150l to 1 friend, 30k to 5 friends, etc.) each month
      2. Give Roblox friends up to 3 sessions of 30 minutes with Captain powers and access each month
      3. Give Roblox friends up to 4 sessions of 1 hour with Crew Member powers and access each month
      4. Give Roblox friends up to 5 sessions of 2 hours with First Class powers and access each month
    • If you give your friend multiple VIP sessions, the first one will enact automatically. All thereafter, will be saved for your friend and they can use them at any time, even if you’re not in-game.
    • Your power, as a gamepass owner, to give out free stuff replenishes on the 1st of every month! [Time zone UTC -8]

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