Roblox Titanic Update V2.52

  • Ship loading changed to benefit lower end devices. In normal gameplay you shouldn’t have the lobby and entire ship loaded in at any one time which helps lower memory which too much of causes crashes. Mobile players feel free to give feedback on if you no longer crash while trying to play!
  • Pocket watch bug fixed
  • Store icon replaced and you can now activate the Friend Admin gamepass from the gamepass frame in the store Potential glitch fix for the chest GUI system once you’ve played a round
  • Risk it for the biscuit owners can now click on the biscuit in the lobby to remove the tool from their backpack if they don’t want it. Click again to get it back
  • Had to do something behind the scenes and update it, very sorry for a not very large content update. But remember 5 mini updates like this combined = 1 major update. Be on the lookout(edited)

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