Roblox Titanic Update V2.53

  • THE START to a very bright future of roleplay clothing. First Class get roleplay clothing now! You will be able to purchase the clothing from the supplier directly to take into any game in Roblox, or if you own First Class you get free access to all sets. There are 2 sets for women, 2 sets for men.
  • [Actually] fixed the floating lifeboat issue when the ship cracks in half and during the final plunge
  • Some GUI images re-made to look better, mostly hax stuff!
  • Movie maker + fly tool glitch fixed (where you unequip fly tool and it automatically made you keep flying with movie maker slider)
  • You can now disable / enable movie maker without having to reset (through the gamepass menu, which becomes the “Use Gamepasses” menu as you buy more gamepasses.) Use the activate buttons.
  • Changed +91 points for surviving back to 100
  • Fixed potential lethal glitch with recognizing if someone has the Friend Admin gamepass
  • More stuff being done behind the scenes to stop mobile players from crashing

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