Roblox Titanic V2.47 – Clearing up the changes

We understand there is a lot of chaos right now with what’s happening to the game.

Memory Data. Explains 65% of memory is used on textures.

In an effort to be super transparent with why we’re doing what we’re doing: what we’re trying to do is increase the average time of play because it means you guys are enjoying the game the longest, not being interrupted by crashes. The latest update has helped and we won’t be reverting it, we will be expanding on it trying to get mobile players to be able to play longer without crashes

Graph displaying visits being affected by updates

Why care about mobile players? Believe it or not (I know from a poll most of you guys are PC), phone + tablet players are more than half of the entire game’s visits. They can rate the game too and they are rating the game badly when they crash too many times and aren’t able to play. They rate our game poorly out of frustration, and that’s not okay with us, we want to be a game anyone can play on any device, just like Roblox’s dream

Once the Roblox Range Fog is released, the “glitch” where you can see the iceberg in the distance at one angle, but turn your angle and no longer see it, will be fixed. Below is an example of the changes.

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