Our Team



TheAmazeman first got interested in Titanic at age 8. By 14 he’d created the first version of Roblox Titanic.


3D Modeler

Inyo22 first got interested in Titanic at age 5. In 2011 he met TheAmazeman and built more detailed ships.


Web Presence

Ristone3 manages the Social Media pages and built the official VVG Website. 



Phalack first got into composing in his early teens, when he saw that music could be a domain in which he could work. Since then, he has more than twelve continous hours of recorded footage including original soundtracks, arrangements and mashups


Britannic developer

RoyalConstructor first met and played at Roblox in 2012 through VVG Titanic, the same year at age 12 he started his first Studio projects, which were simple houses and interior parts of the Titanic. Years later and with more experience in Studio, he was recruited for the development of VVG Britannic.


Interior Designer


Britannic Developer

Centeurix first got interested in Britannic in 2017, in July of that year he met TheAmazeman and VVG Britannic was started.

Mr. Gillett

Official Content Creator

MrGillett creates the Trailers for VVG Roblox Titanic, he also owns a popular YouTube Channel.

Discord Team


Discord Moderator

Ozzers Oz

Discord Moderator & Content Producer

VVG Moderator and content creator/entertainer on YouTube creating Roblox videos.


Discord Moderator

Sinking_feeling began his journey as a doodle-loving Titanic freak-show. His childhood consisted of drawings of ships floating and sinking (mostly sinking), and being a bit too engaged into the story of the Titanic since the age of 7. Sinking_feeling got his first laptop at the age of either 9 or 10, and began playing Roblox around 2011-2012. He has taken a new liking into meteorology and severe storms.


Discord Moderator


Discord Moderator

CaptainCurtain first joined roblox because of the original 2008 Roblox Titanic game. The Titanic became am everyday part of his life. In 2016, he created the game known as “Tiny-Ships” and it has grown since then. In his off time, he likes scripting for roblox oceanliner voyages, and scripting for his upcoming ship games.

CaptainCurtain is obsessed with ships.