Roblox Titanic Update 2.44

Update 2.44 brings a lot of exciting updates, including a “107 Years Badge” available only until April 17, 2019.

‘107 Years Badge’ available until 4/17/19

Additional updates include:

  • New Lighting
  • Recolored Lite Mode to resemble classic Roblox Titanic
  • Black windows removed on mobile devices set to standard detail
  • Velocity pads startup on flooded teleports to get you to live teleports more quickly
  • Flare gun launching sound is half as loud
  • Whistle should no longer work while the ship is sinking
  • Movie Maker gamepass has been improved: Hide all players (and a pro tip that you can enable and disable roleplay names separately)
  • Made it so you can go through the door on the starboard side A deck Grand Staircase

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