Roblox Titanic Update 2.45

This event has ended

The Scrambled in Time Event is now live for Roblox’s 2019 Egg Hunt! Check it out for limited time prizes!

We’ve got some updates to the game alongside the event.

  • Made the default ship the Lite for new players, and gave out a Ship Detail choose menu for everyone.
  • High Detail can still be chosen from inside the lobby! If you click the Exit button on the Detail choose menu when you first join, it will load in the ship that you currently have set to your default ship.
  • Fixed bugs in VIP Servers.

2 thoughts on “Roblox Titanic Update 2.45”

  1. I want more of these challenges by NPC that they give you some points.
    With that there’s more things to do in the ship.

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